About PNPS


Welcome to Portland North Primary School. We are a local Portland School found in an attractive rural environment. At Portland North Primary School we pride ourselves in working together as a team to develop a safe, secure and challenging environment for your child.


Portland North Primary School aims to provide a friendly, caring and dynamic environment that values and maximises learning, personal growth and well being for all students; creates a stimulating and supportive environment for all teachers; and proactively leads, assists, informs and involves parents.


Our motto is “Give Them Wings” and this was selected by staff, pupils and the local community. It is intended to provide pupils with the skills needed to succeed later in life.


Our school emblem is the sulphur-crested cockatoo which was adopted because the school was formerly known by the local residents as the “Cockatoo Valley” school.


At Portland North we value the rigorous pursuit of academic excellence developing and acquiring knowledge, skills, values and attitudes and social competency. We have always valued the very positive standing it has in the wider school community and over the years we have developed a culture where our norms and philosophies are shared by all. We provide an environment where all are treated equally and challenged to do their best.

Team building activities