4 thoughts on “Newsletters

  1. Thanks Nikki for doing a great job of the website. May be could now snip some up to date photos from recent newsletters for the home page of the site. Cheers and enjoy term 3.

  2. I am very pleased to have come across Portland’s North Primary School web-page when looking for just a phone number (I did not expect to find up to date information), while we were away in term 3. It was great to be able to just log on and have a bit of a read what was and is going on at our school in Portland! Thank you very much Nikki for your efforts and achivement, to get the newsletter online up and running, photos are always great to look at (I agree with previous comment)!

  3. Thanks to Katrin for visiting our school web page and leaving nice comments. Hope you had a great time in the west and we are happy to have your family back with us agin for term 4.

  4. Thanks again Nikki for the up to date appearance of our web page and the informative upcoming events. we just completed a very successful Mini Fete.

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