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  1. Thanks heaps to our hardworking Parents Club for their efforts to raise over $4000.00 at our Mini Fete and motion to give financial support of around $1800.00 for a new shade sail over our playground

  2. Thanks to our Parent’s Club we have been able to include an additional $3,000.00 worth of essential books to support our students and their reading.

  3. 50 great Easter prizes were raffled at our Term One final assembly. Thanks to our Parents’Club for all there hard work with this imnportant fundraiser for our school and community.

  4. Thanks to our hard working Parent’s Club we are able to witness many of our students enjoying their reading with all the additional Guided Reading books. Staff wish to pass on their thanks also for this support.

  5. Looking forward to our Parent’s Club Junior and Senior Discos this Wednesday 25th June. Will be great to see some of the crazy hairstyles and catch up for a coffee with some of the parents in the Parent’s Room.

  6. Hi to all our hardworking Parents Club members.Hope all is well back at school and with the Parents Club while I am on leave and resting QLD. I am looking forward now to our upcoming Mini Fete on the first Friday if term 4.

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