Principal’s Welcome

Mr Don Nelson – Principal

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I am very pleased to welcome you and your child to Portland North Primary School and look forward to working with you to provide your child with the best educational opportunity possible. Education is a complex three way process and involves a considerable effort from parents, students and teachers working in partnership.

I am very proud of our school. Staff will endeavour to ensure that every child has a happy beginning to school thus setting the pattern for an enjoyable and educationally rewarding school life.

Your child will be looking forward to the challenges and social development that are part of school life. I am confident the team at Portland North will do their best to see no child becomes disappointed. If difficulties do arise I would like to hear about them from you so a timely solution can be developed.

You, as a parent, can be expected to play a vital role in your child’s education. Please keep in contact with the teachers, positively involve yourself in your child’s work and actively support school activities.

At Portland North we teach manners, co-operation and values. We always have done and we will continue to put emphasis on Traditional Australian Themes and Cultures.

I hope this booklet will be of assistance to you and will provide you with a greater insight into the organisation of the school and its many programs.

With parents, teachers and students all working together as a team we can continue to enhance the reputation of Portland North Primary as being a “great school”.